The Braille Institute’s Talking Books Program

Tammy Tested.  Caregiver Approved!

The Braille Institute’s Talking Books Program

The Braille Institute has so many wonderful resources, and we’re only going to highlight one today: The Talking Books Program.

The engineers who designed the Digital Book Machines available in this program were thoughtful with every detail.  Simple and large buttons with unique shapes and colors make using the machine very easy.  As a fail-safe, each button announces its function as you use it.  While the battery has a super-long charge of 24-hours, the machine can easily be plugged in to maintain longer battery life.  The cassettes are designed to go in one way and they hold their place for you during the read.  Additional features like a snooze button will play the book for 15 or 30 minutes before you go to sleep and then hold your place until you come back again.

The selection of books is available in a healthy-size catalog, and your only cost is the postage to send the cartridges back and forth.  It works a little bit like NetFlix with a  pre-addressed card that you flip around to indicate the return address.

Congratulations to one of the best partnerships between the Library of Congress and a non-profit, The Braille Institute.  This is how we all need to be working together!